WAR – Respawning in Keeps

There’s a very brief Warhammer Online Developer Discussion taking place, gathering feedback on the respawning in keep mechanic.

This discussion is only open for until Friday, April 13 so head over to the WAR Forums to leave your comments.

My unorganized notes were:


  • – it’s important to avoid suiciding anywhere in the zone in order to respawn in keeps for defence, throwing away lives just doesn’t fit with the game, meaningful fights do
  • – consider adding flight paths (same as from keep to keep) from warcamp to the keep, so defenders can make their way, but risk being shot down


  • – provide reassurance that dying when you are defending a keep wont teleport you far away (avoid cowardly defenders)


  • – Avoid stacking importance on the ram (let players hit doors, remove the annoying heroic defender buff)


  • – Maintain consistancy with gameplay (dont tie it to AAO, my problem with the door repair mechanic was that warcamp delivered resources only repaired doors if there was AAO, so any respawn tied in with AAO will just breed confusion and can easily be changed as other players enter the zone, AAO is a flawed mechanic as a lot of people idle at warcamps)


  • – exists because you respawn there, if you are defending there is no need for it, if the respawn system is changed remove the flag as last minute abandon keeps penalizes attackers


  • – decrease penalty for respawning inside the keep (need to provide incentive for people to go out and try and break the siege)


  • – perhaps give players the option of respawning at various locations based on certain criteria, warcamp, keeps, battlefield objectives, the bottlenecks need to be removed from the game, such as lower tier warcamp camping


  • daoc had an awesome feature that could be tailored to WAR
  • If you take over an enemy’s keep and that realm has at least one of your relics, if you upgrade the keep to level 10 it will spawn a corpse summoner NPC. If you die in PvP and type /transfercorpse “keep name” without the quotes your corpse will transfer to that keep, although you will still need to be resurrected once you get there. Note that enemy players can kill this NPC and if they do so, the /transfercorpse command will be unavailable to you for that keep until he respawns (in one hour).
  • a killable npc (like the foreman) that either automatically ressurects players or at least moves their corpse at various locations in the keep for outer / inner defence

A later and much better idea I had was:


Rally Call could be a way for defenders to teleport to the keeps defence, Rally Call should be triggered upon a set of requirements that are pre-defined and not random, such as 6 players in the vicinity of the keep and interact with something, so defenders can work to allow more defenders into the keep.

Rally Call would have a cooldown affected by AAO.

Other systems to go with this rally call idea would be

  • Re-spawn only in radius of a keep, otherwise you re-spawn in the warcamp
  • There would be bug-fixes to prevent re-spawning in PvE warcamps
  • Add an NPC healer inside the keep
  • Allow foreman to repair inner door

– Make sure you head over to the thread and let your thoughts be known before the time runs out.