DAoC – 1.112 Patch (Screenshots)

Renaris Lord with upgraded guards and the relic. Having the lord hints towards a capturable keep.

Yesterday I wrote briefly about the incoming Dark Age of Camelot 1.112 patch, highlighting the changes coming to relic keeps. I had a chance to pop on Pendragon and capture a few shots.

Read more for a gallery of screenshots and some comments of my findings.

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Elite Guards

I didn’t get around to checking the level of these guards, having to wait 2 minutes in between a boost of 5 levels from the tester NPC wasn’t fun. Although from previous experience with the Old Frontiers relic system (which this is obviously a return to) will mean they are most likely deep red-purple to 50.

The guild names indicate which keep they are from, so capturing that keep will remove the associated guards.

Unlike the Old Frontiers relic system the guards come in different flavours, not simply the Knight and Wizard but Wizard,Scout, Armsman and Cleric. This should add some more interesting variation when fighting a room full of high level guards.


The towers around the relic keeps remain functional and capturable, I didn’t get a chance to see if there was any level increase in the guards.

Realm War Map

I would have hoped to see a better visual indication on the realm war map regarding which keeps are relic keeps, at least to mark them out as different from the regular keeps. There is a note when you click on the Relic Temples saying they are decommissioned.

Frontier Towns

Previously Channelers could teleport you from your realms border keep to a frontier town, with the relic gates destroyed that becomes impossible. This feels more like a bug than an intended design decision, although with the relic gates permanently open it raises some interesting questions as to whether guard presence should be increased there.

Zone Description

The zone descriptions still mention the old relic temples by name stating that the relics dwell there, this is obviously out of date information and a bug, however I’m not entirely convinced that will get changed.

Impact on RvR

I haven’t played much RvR recently and I can only speculate, I have always disliked the new frontiers relic system, forcing a realm to take a certain path of keeps in order to open a gate felt wrong. Backed by my preference for the Old Frontiers keep systems and how simple they were, I am glad steps have been taken to improve the flow.

New Frontiers added far too many keeps when you include towers, so the decision to turn the keeps closest to the border keeps into relic keeps that are uncapturable was an interesting one.

To finish I’ll note that I’m sad that we have lost the iconic names of the relic keeps that we have known since Old Frontiers and I feel that the towers surrounding the relic keeps should be removed.

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