DAoC – Patch 1.112 (Relic System Changes)

Late last night Kai posted the Dark Age of Camelot Patch 1.112 notes for testing on Pendragon this included some balance fixes and an important change to relics.

Pendragon servers are being patched today (Wednesday April 4, 2012), and so I will be writing up a review with screenshots for tomorrow.

Keep reading for my highlighted changes and my opinion.

The server will be coming down at 2:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm CEST. We anticipate that the server will be back online no later than 6:30 pm EDT / 0:30 am CEST.

Updates to the existing Relic System have been made.

  • The Relics have been moved to the innermost Keeps of each realm. These Keeps are now permanent Relic Keeps, and may no longer be captured or claimed.
    • The Power Relic of Albion (Merlin’s Staff) moves from Castle Myrddin to Caer Hurbury.
    • The Strength Relic of Albion (Scabbard of Excalibur) moves from Castle Excalibur to Caer Renaris
    • The Power Relic of Midgard (Horn of Valhalla) moves from Grallarhorn Faste to Arvakr Faste
    • The Strength Relic of Midgard (Thor’s Hammer) moves from Mjollner Faste to Fensalir Faste
    • The Power Relic of Hibernia (Cauldron of Dagda) moves from Dun Dagda to Dun Scathaig.
    • The Strength Relic of Hibernia (Lug’s Spear of Lightning) moves from Dun Lamfhota to Dun Ailinne.
  • New Elite Envoys have been added to defend the Relic Keeps. These Envoys are associated with each Keep owned by its home realm. If a Keep to which an Envoy is associated is captured, the Envoy will disappear from the Relic Keep.
  • Realms that own 3 or more Relics will experience a scaling reduction in the level of their Keep and Tower Guards.
  • The Relic Gate system has been de-activated, and no longer requires opening in order to capture a Relic.
  • Players carrying a Relic may no longer board a Scout boat.
  • Players carrying a Relic may no longer zone into the Passage of Conflict.
  • Players carrying a Relic will now emit a faint, pulsing beacon effect visible by other characters within clip range.
  • Players carrying a Relic are no longer allowed in the vicinity of their Borderkeeps.
  • Realm missions are no longer generated.

Read the full notes

Above is a video created by Silakka showing off Old Frontiers in Albion, has a nice sweeping view of the old relic keeps for nostalgia purposes.

My Thoughts

I have a few thoughts on proposed changes, this system returns to the design for pre-NF relics, where relics are stored in relic keeps and you don’t have to take certain keeps in order to open relic gates. I was never a fan of the New Frontiers system.

The elite envoy system seems an exact copy from the old frontiers knights outside the relic keeps, which were a great idea, there weren’t hardcoded retrictions (relic gate wont open) to prevent you from attackign the relic keep whenever you wanted, there was only an increase in difficultly (more guards / harder guards)

I’m sad to see the relic keeps names Castle Excalibur etc die, they have always mentally been the relic keep locations. However it will be interesting to see how these changes affect RvR, as they are effectively removing 6 keeps from New Frontiers.

What are your thoughts on the proposed relic system changes? Or do we all just miss Old Frontiers? Is this an acknowledgement from BioWare Mythic that the old systems were better and will we see other changes heading in this direction?