Week in Summary #2

Yup it should be 3 but last week I didn’t get around to it, if you remember I posted about my guilds Minecraft server, and then wasn’t heard from since. I was swallowed by university work and playing on the server itself. This post highlights some of our communities results on the server and the other things I’ve done this week.

Mass Effect 3

I finished Mass Effect 3 again, this time with as much completion as I could find, and playing an Adept instead of a Soldier. I also played a ton of multiplayer as an Adept which was pretty fun.

Warhammer Online

I finally had the clever albeit late idea to restore my main Warhammer Online character, I had been stuck playing a low level alt as his name was taken on Karak Norn by another account of mine and I couldn’t transfer from Azgal, but I didn’t know which. I was waiting for Mythic to help free up the inactive names, but nothing was forthcoming.

I went through all my linked WAR accounts on my EA Profile and looked for characters called Etaew on Karak Norn and finally found one, it was on my initial EU account, and was a level 10 Runepriest. I promptly deleted him and transferred Etaew back and then reactivated my main account fully for a month of WAR.

I also transferred my Knight of the Blazing Sun who is 24, someone I really do love dearly for his survivability. I plan to be playing WAR until Guild Wars 2 is released.

Minecraft Gallery

Time to highlight in a gallery some of my guilds achievements on our Minecraft server, the town has really developed.