Wrath of Heroes – The Open Beta Prequel

The in game store that is currently active, you can spend in-game and real money.

BioWare Mythic announced the Wrath of Heroes Open Beta Prequel – Beta Test (basically a test just before open beta to make sure things work right) it will run from:

Wednesday 21st March until Tuesday 27th March.

In this post I comment on a few of the changes that have been brought in the latest patch and share a few screenshots.

The latest UI, it has changed a lot during the Beta.

Playing in a Warband

It’s been a while since I played in the beta, but a friend invited me to run with part of his warband and I found that it was a lot more fun with a coordinated team.

The game doesn’t require voice comms, I know some of the warband were in verbal range but I didn’t feel like I was losing out.

Clicking on the minimap proved audio clues and the leader of the group was the only one to issue commands and so we roamed around and worked well as a unit, people knew their roles and did their job.

We lost our first match, it was the warm-up of course *cough* won our second one convincingly and lost on the final map 😦

Things I Like

  • Experience and Currency (a reason to play)
  • Achievements (something to work towards)
  • Racial Bonuses (nice incentive for forming teams)
  • UI (nicely laid out)
  • The combat, call me a button basher but I do.
  • The voice overs, during combat they really do add to the atmosphere.
  • The heroes (look great and have character)
  • Friend notifications
  • Warband invites


  • Change the ready button on the Warband screen, it isn’t intuitive.
  • Add a warband lobby chat tab, and perhaps a whisper one.
  • Allow custom chat rooms, and have it persist between logins.

Final Remarks

The latest beta is pretty enjoyable, when playing in the warband I managed 4 games instead of the usual 1 from the previous beta, but I still can’t see myself playing it for a long period of time. I am quite happy for a 15 minute game randomly still.

I don’t see myself wanting to play it on my own (I tend to just lose and die), so it depends which of my friends are around at the time.

I would say give it a go, even if you tried it in the early beta and wasn’t interested, there are some nice changes, and you can’t go wrong when it’s free.


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