Guilds – The Power of the Community

Random discussions within my guild whilst waiting for Guild Wars 2 led towards the desire to play Minecraft together, we typically play Warhammer Online, RIFT and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In this post I cover the discussions around founding our guild Minecraft server and how quickly we got this project off the ground.


From a discussion of interest, to making a list of members who were interested, finding out who could donate, and then researching dedicated server hosts took only a couple of hours, and we had a minecraft server running for our entire guild the next day.

This was all done without any guild leadership participation from a community of it’s members and within hours we had a bustling village centre with power machines set up, and an active community of members.

This shows the power of the community, and the initiative that can make projects get off the ground quickly and also shows that you don’t need a major graphics engine and newest game in order to enjoy activities within a game if you have an active community.

Server Info:

We are running Tekkit for those who want to create complicated machines (also the launcher is great to keep mods up to date), and recommend the Sphax PureDBCraft texture pack.