Weekly Summary – 1



This week has been quite a busy one and certainly hasn’t helped my dissertation writing, notable things this week have been:

  • Release of Mass Effect 3
  • Return to Warhammer Online
  • Return to Blogging
Full descriptions after the jump.

Release of Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 was released at midnight Tuesday in Hong Kong (and Friday in the UK), I decided to buy the game on the Monday, connected via proxy to Hong Kong to activate and then jumped straight into the game.

I won’t review the game, as I won’t do it justice, but I will say I played long hours and finished it by Thursday, I really enjoyed the game and am currently on my second play-through, which is going for completion and multiplayer (which is also good).

Return to Warhammer Online

This week also saw me attempting to return to Warhammer Online through the free 14 days, the major hurdle is the age of the server I am transferring to, and the fact that I have had previous accounts on the server.

Due to this my mains and alts cannot be moved onto the server without renaming the character, which I’m not interested in doing. The only character that I can play at the moment is my White Lion rank 12, not a character I’ve played much in PvP before, so I am becoming more used to it (melee dps most likely isn’t my thing).

Sadly this means I haven’t been able to look at any of the new content, being stuck in Tier 1, but the consolidated servers really have been a boon to the population and there is also large scale fights in T1 which is great.

Last month in the producers letter Mythic stated they were looking into it, but I don’t think this will get done anytime soon, so at the end of these 14 days I probably won’t re-sub, instead waiting until I can move my mains back.

Return to Blogging

This week saw my return to regular blogging, in the past it was sporadic topical posts with some personal rants. This time I am working towards a more informative article style.

I would love some feedback or tips from experienced bloggers or readers regarding my choice of topics, and the content of my posts.

Until next week,