Information for returning to DAoC

After 90 days of inactivity your Dark Age of Camelot accounts are eligible for a 14-Day Re-Enlistment Bonus, this won’t show anywhere but will appear when you press the subscription button on the account management site.

You will have to subscribe for a month in order to receive the free game time, but you can immediately un-subscribe so that you aren’t billed.

The free 14 days with the reenlistment is current disabled pending improvements. You should still come back!

Reasons to re-subscribe:

  • Updated UI – improved tooltips (better than it was, but still could be improved)
  • New User Journey – new quest hubs and icons (familiar to other mmo players, smooth path to 35)
  • Leveling purely through battlegrounds through repeatable quests (from 10 all the way to 50)
  • Repeatable glass quests (good way to level from 35 to 50 and buy master levels and artifacts)
  • One super server with tons of players – around the clock action with EU and US players playing together

Updated UI / New User Journey

See my review with screenshots of the UI and an explanation of the user journey.

Reactivating your account

beibhinn has created a great guide for getting your account back over on PostCount –

Explanation of the Ywain Server

Semi4 created a great post on the DAoC Forums with information for returning players, however with the closing of the old VNBoards it has been lost.

Welcome back.

Ywain info: 
Server population was dieing and to help keep server population up Mythic was clustering servers together. As the player population continued to shrink, Mythic needed to continue clustering servers but they had a huge problem, the database of old characters was becoming so huge (on the existing clusters) the database was becoming unmanageable. Because the existing databases were so huge, Mythic could no longer combine the databases, which meant they could not form a new cluster (yet they needed to cluster the final servers together to keep the population up to keep RvR viable).

Mythic’s solution, create a new server that everyone, all active players, will transfer to (everyone transfers except Mordred and the Coop). There are 10 Ywain login servers that are just character holding areas. The 10 login servers allow players to transfer up to 100 old characters to the new server, but Ywain 1-10 is only one server.

The old servers will be maintained as character holding areas for returning players; so returning players can come back and transfer toons over to Ywain.

If you have level 50s on the old Classic server, there is a quest that gives free ML credit before you are allowed to transfer.

Mostly it does not matter which Ywain you use, as all Ywains are really just one server, but housing on Ywain 1-3 is very full so if you are thinking of getting a house I would use a different Ywain than 1-3.

Charplan is a great character builder. It is a downloadable program and has all the updated stats.

Valmerwolf has great maps.

Useful Links

The following are some links that will have some info that may help

User Interface

DAoC has basic custom UI support, it is mostly cosmetic, the best one I have found is BobsUI, since it features a ton of options you can pick to change the appearance.


The community can be pretty helpful, you can ask in the /advice channel in game, make a thread on the PostCount forum or read some of the bloggers guides.


A great tool for enhancing your DAoC client is Mojo it contains tons of nice features including quick logins shortcuts to your character etc.

Other DAoC tools can be found on this FreddysHouse forum post –