LOTRO – Skirmish Soldier & Instance Finder

I don’t play a lot of Lord of the Rings Online, but I do keep an eye out for their changes, and I do occasionally get to squeeze in a few hours game-time. This post is just a brief note on some features that are heading to LOTRO in Update 6.

Skirmish Soldier

The one featured today discussed an interesting feature a Skirmish Soldier.

I like the idea of having companions whilst questing in the open world, Star Wars: The Old Republic did this very well, allowing for in depth background story for these companions.

The LOTRO companions are just generic guards, and as mentioned in a discussion thread for this feature, it would be great if the companion was an alt to add greater bonds with your companion.

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Instance Finder

Instance finders have various good and bad points, the majority of games nowadays are adding them regardless of the negative aspect because it’s just easier, and people will use them.

I’m not the most social person when it comes to MMO’s and I won’t make huge efforts to form my own groups (I will occasionally respond to people asking in chat channels), so having an instance finder would enhance my game.

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