New Warhammer Online Website

The new Warhammer Online website was launched today, it has been promised for a while, and we have all wanted it. In this post I cover a few good and bad points of the design, and a brief comparison with the old.


The old site was quite pretty, you can still view an archive of it. I liked the art in it, but it seemed quite difficult to keep updated. There was often out of date information there, links to pages which no longer existed and news redundancies. There was a news section on the main site, and a news section for the herald.


The website is powered by Drupal, a powerful system if you have the time and knowledge to use it properly. It follows the format of the Dark Age of Camelot Website and Wrath of Heroes Website which is essentially a glorified blog, and whilst I hate those sort of sites, it’s probably the best we can hope for at the moment.

The site is less cluttered now, whether by design or limitations, there are less things to try and get you to click on them, it’s just a simple list of posts, with a menu and a few side items.

The art style is appropriate, and it seems like the majority of old content made it through, all the old site news has been imported (which wasn’t on the DAoC site). Something to note is that no Realm War feature was included in the site, like it was on the DAoC Site on release, even though it wasn’t functional.

I have slight annoyances with the popups when I click some links, and minor issues with the way URLs are generated, and there being no weighting or hierarchy, but it’s an improvement on having an out of date site.