SWTOR – Guild Summit Notes

Having left Star Wars: The Old Republic months ago, I try to keep up to date with future plans for the game to see if it’s worth my return.

On Monday BioWare held the SWTOR Guild Summit which was a presentation and Q&A sessions for the next patch and future of the game.

In this post I cover some things that I find interesting, and is does not cover all aspects of the game. For a full review you could check out this site.

Here are the things that stood out to me.

Legacy Levels

  • Family tree with your chars and earn bonuses
  • Reaching max level on a char
    •  unlocks the race for all classes.
    • allows use of a class ability to alts
  • (Social Levels) Unlocks ship abilities (bank, auctions etc)
The legacy system sounds awesome, and is something I would like to try. Since I am an altoholic I like the idea of bonuses being granted to my alts because of work I have done.


 Now let’s talk a bit about PvP in STAR WARS: The Old Republic, we have noticed that Warzones are extremely popular with our players as more than 50% of them play Warzones daily!

When it comes to Ilum and open world PvP, for now, we are going to begin changing the focus of PvP to Warzones. If you love open world PvP though don’t worry, we are working on redesigning Ilum to be more fun and engaging!

  • 8 Player warzone queue
  • Warzone objective medals
  • Persistant groups through warzones
  • Player bounties planned
  • Ilum is being de-incentivised (effectively pulled) until they rework it later in the year, and the focus is being put on warzones.
  • Cross server queueing
  • More same faction vs same faction warzones
  • Ranking system

Their reasoning is that most people do warzones, however it’s my opinion that they do warzones because Ilum sucks! This change does nothing to entice me back to play warzones.


  • Guild banks
  • Capital ships

Sounds like proposed starbases for STO – but I do like the idea of more tools and focus for guilds.


The games direction seems to be heading directly towards WOW’s endgame (and the reason why I quit), flashpoints, operations and warzones are not what I’m after.

One of the reasons why I can’t find much re-playability I am invested in my characters personal story, not alts stories. Once I’m 50, it stops and so I’m less interested in the game.

I am an Open World PvP kind of guy, so although the legacy system sounds cool, I’m not re-subbing just yet. Although I am very close to re-subbing to WAR.

For coverage of the other points raised at the guild summit, check out this great list.