SW:TOR Community Q&A – Week 1 March 2012

On Friday the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic weekly community blog was published, this included some Q&A, if you want to skip straight to the full post and not see my commentary – you can.

I haven’t been following the previous updates on the community blog, but I’ve recently had a new drive to keep up to date on my previous MMO’s.

In this post I cover my history of SW:TOR and my thoughts on some of this weeks Q&A topics.


I played SW:TOR during the beta, I was amongst the first in my guild to hit max level on the games release and I was the first to un-subscribe from the game. I un-subcribed because the end-game was not fleshed out enough for me, I am a large scale PvPer, from Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, the state of Ilum wasn’t good enough for me and I wasn’t interested in raiding.

I do keep an eye open on game waiting for the right amount of changes to lure me back in.

Notable Questions

The following sections are ones that I find interesting, there are others, check out the full post if you want to see them.

Ships Mailbox

Yes, eventually through the legacy system. When I played the legacy system wasn’t implemented, so once all these changes are in it will be nice to re-sub for a month and check these out.

I always felt the ship was very barren, and there’s no reason to idle there apart from space dailies (which became pointless to me at max level), saying that the need for the fleet to remain a hub is serious, the worst thing the game can do is make it feel like less people are around (granted the mass of loading screens and performance of the game with loads of people does degrade the experience).

Achievement Announcements in Guild

This adds to a more social experience I find, it would be nice to see what people get up to so discussions can be had, questions asked and congratulations given.

Neutral Alignment

Since the game started the benefits were given to only pure Light or Dark alignment, a feature is being designed for rewards for Neutral alignment as well, which really does interest me, having a full Light or Dark alignment is often cheesy, which is why my characters are full Light on Sith and full Dark on Republic to make their character a little more complicated.

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