WAR – The Bugfixes

Wow how did this thread pass me by, last week Keaven Freeman posted on the Warhammer Online Forums regarding the bugs that they are looking to address in the 1.4.6 patch.

Thanks Werit for posting and drawing this to my attention (See his review).

In this blog post I look at some of the key bugs and changes that stand out to me from the thread.


I played WAR for about 4 or 5 months last year, and found myself leaving the game for SWTOR, I’ve always missed the end-game PvP or WAR and think it’s far superior to that of other games (and it has graphics I can stand unlike DAoC).

One of my reasons for not returning to the game is that I can’t have my character name back Etaew is taken on the remaining server, I was glad to hear on the latest producers letter that they were looking at ways to clear the inactive names on the server, which is awesome.

Bugs have always been a major flaw in WAR, they have rarely been addressed and made the game lack quality and put me off playing. In this patch BioWare Mythic are looking to fix some of these common issues that the community has been crying out for.

Some of the changes that I am interested are as follows:

Change the way decay timers function on talismans

I personally tried to avoid having talismans which decay, as a casual player I didn’t like the idea of my equipment disappearing, but certainly it was an interesting mechanic, allowing for some replay of existing content. It was common knowledge how to bug these timered talismans allowing them to become bugged and permanent, I seriously dislike exploits and cheats and am glad this is being resolved.

Change the wounds pet to periodically recalculate the buff it applies

Some people were okay with this, personally I wasn’t. I didn’t like the idea of stacking wound armour to summon the pet and then change back into normal armour, it gave people a significant advantage in my opinion.

Change the way City Invasion instances shutdown and Check the imbalancing mechanics for scenarios

These are some pretty important changes, I’ve always thought the scenario mechanics were too harsh and didn’t aid in the re-queue incentive.

Change Tier 4 lakes to bolster to 45

Now this is an interesting change, when I first read it I thought what? how does that make sense when the cap is 50… ohwaitaminute! The level cap in WAR is 40, and by bolstering stats to 45 increases statistics across the board decreasing the gap between high RR and low RR, a radical idea that may work.

Check out the thread for the full list.