STO – March Questions

On Thursday Star Trek Online published the  March 2012 Edition of Ask Cryptic, this is the first one that I’ve actually read as I’ve been taking more of an interest in STO recently.

In this blog post I cover my background and experience with STO, and my thoughts on the points raised in the latest Ask Cryptic section.

My STO Background

I am currently not playing an MMO fully since I hit max level in SW:TOR a few months ago and realised the end-game wasn’t what I was after. I had played STO previously as a subscriber for a few months but only to the Captain rank.

Since then I have reached Vice Admiral through enjoying the episodic content since the game went Free to Play but noticed I got bored extremely quickly once the episodic content ran out, I log in now to do assignments and on Sundays for the new Featured Episodes.

I hit a milestone this week as I made my first transaction in the Cryptic Store, I wanted a change from my tanking cruiser (I like my shield regen and hull heals) and wanted to try a Escort so I bought the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort, in retrospect it was probably a bad move and an impulse buy, I’m not overly fond of the DPS role. Although since I’ve been playing the game for free casually for a few months I don’t feel terrible about giving the developers some money.

Ask Cryptic

The interesting points for me were the following:

  • Fleet Objectives – Probably a Starbase
  • More content for max level players
  • Bridge Officers Voices – On the radar

Read the Full Article @ STO Website

I really like the idea of player run starbases, it’s a great idea for a community aspect. However, since I play casually, usually only an episode a day or just to start and collect assignments I haven’t engaged in the social aspect of STO, I don’t even run with the chat window open. This also means I haven’t participated in any of the fleet actions, I play STO because it isn’t similar in my head for instanced and raid based game-play like WoW.