Web Presence

The majority of us will have a number of web presences, for example I regularly use:

  • Facebook, Twitter, WordPress,Wikia, DOL Forum

I’ve started to see the need to consolidate some of these, so I have a central point of contact which can then link to other services.

Previously I’ve had a website etaew.com (no longer active), but found that this wasn’t great when dealing with people on a professional level.

This week I have set up tomspillar.net to act as my portal between these profiles, the first distinction I’ve drawn is between personal and professional, there could perhaps be a third of pure on-line (guilds/other gaming).

At the moment it’s a single page site, basically styled, to act as a link gateway, I may add some further pages, or split the site up, perhaps have etaew.com go to a personal / gaming section, and tomspillar.net as my professional site.

I need to figure out if I want to keep the blog on wordpress or onto my own domain… decisions….