The Alt

I’m a self confessed alto-holic, when I reach max level in games I don’t raid, to me the game feels complete as I have the story unless there is Warhammer style open pvp. (More on Ilum later)

I hit max level a few weeks ago, and then took a break, I’ve only just come back in search of an alt to play. With a story based game such as SW:TOR it’s more difficult for me, not only do I have to find the play-style I like but I have to find the class story enjoyable.

This combination has seen me go through a number of alts so far and because of my guild being Empire aligned I am only working through those classes at the moment. It’s quite difficult to re-play areas when you create different classes (Sith Inquisitor & Sith Warrior / Agent & Bounty Hunter) as you have already done most of the quests, apart from the class quests.

In this post I run through my difficulties in choosing an alt that I enjoy playing.


My main is a Sith Inquisitor healer, reaching max level with this character was a great story, and not to spoil it for others, the ending feels pretty epic, being a light Sith and working with a companion to better the empire from within made me pretty attached to this storyline. This makes it hard to compare and start stories which feel less important and making less of an impact on the galaxy.

Sith Warrior

My first attempt at an alt was a Sith Warrior, now I had already seen the ending to this story, and wasn’t too impressed with how it went, which did put me off. I ended up choosing the Juggernaut class, I had heard bad things about Marauder. Although who doesn’t like Vette? 🙂


My next attempt was an agent, and unless the story broadens out mid level it felt far too restrictive being a member of Imperial Intelligence, the play-style didn’t really suit me. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the companions character (her abilities were great). I chose the main class as an Operative for healing re-gret it somewhat.

Bounty Hunter

My current attempt is a bounty hunter, although I’ve tried to start this class a few times the story put me off, I’m not that interested in the great hunt, although what did grab me is a certain revenge aspect. It’s nice to have a healer companion and I quite enjoy the combat mechanics so we will see how far I can last with this one.