BioWare Mythic

The BioWare “merger” with Mythic Entertainment forced by EA was effectively giving BioWare control of the Mythic studio, and all of it’s IP under the new name BioWare Corp.

In this post I look at the destruction of the Mythic name, the out of date websites, the updated websites, Mythic apparel and the future.

Mythic Logo

If you look at the pages of Dark Age of Camelot and Wrath of Heroes (Warhammer Online not updated yet) it carries the BioWare logo, with no reference to Mythic Entertainment. As an entity Mythic Entertainment does not exist, and as it stands there is no logo for BioWare Mythic as it is a studio within BioWare (the other studios don’t have seperate logos either).

Edit: The Mythic Entertainment logo as well as the BioWare logo are present on the BioWare website.

Mythic Websites

It’s interesting to note that still remains on an active domain, and that there are links on some of the un-updated websites Warhammer Online (will be updated soon) Ultima Online and the Account Management site. The new Dark Age of Camelot and Wrath of Heroes websites have this removed.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online could be considered a stain on a companies games list due to the buggy release and a large subscriber drop, however it is still a very pretty game and an achievement, one that Games Workshop are happy with but we all wish it was finished before release. The team that remains working on the game are dedicated and passionate about the game.

Mythic Apparel 

Some people have noticed that on the BioWare store there are Dark Age of Camelot t-shirts etc but nothing for Warhammer, part of this came with the website re-development and the 10th anniversary, there is also be more of a selling potential as there is more realm pride (3 factions) than the order vs destro of the Warhammer. The main stopping point though is that Dark Age of Camelot is Mythic’s IP so they can do what they want with it, Warhammer is Games Workshop’s property so all uses of the Warhammer license (including images) has to be granted permission from Games Workshop, so getting t-shirts out with images is a much longer process and maybe forbidden compared to the IP they own rather than licensed to use.

Wrath of Heroes

Wrath of Heroes is a new development by the BioWare Mythic studio as a free to play title, this is an experiment but a low risk one, since the engine and most of the assets have already been created from Warhammer Online. There is still life in the cut down studio, but WOH is a risk