DAoC Realm War

On the 15th of June 2011 the new Dark Age of Camelot website was released without the Realm War or Housing locator functionality, it was later revealed by Kai this was because of “security issues”

In this post I look at some forum posts from Kai on the topic as well as look at some ways the DAoC community is trying to get around the problem.

Here are some relevant posts from Kai.


It’s not available at the moment. For security reasons the old box was taken down ahead of time, before we had the chance to rebuild it on the new site. This might take several weeks (>6).


And that’s where the trouble starts. While the web team is available (and had the time to graphically update the web site), engineers are impossible to catch at the moment.

Also Camelot Vault have started to maintain a list of vacant and expiring lots on Ywain 1 for people to find somewhere to live.

Last weekend BioWare Mythic made attempt to abate the cries from players about the missing Realm War and Housing Locator feature by publishing static weekly lists of the top RP earners for each realm.

Because of the resources restrictions the BioWare Mythic studio faces there has been a large delay in functionality restoration but the Realm War and Housing Finder is not forgotten, it will be delivered…. eventually.