Warhammer Online – No Sound Fix

In this post I document my attempt to fix an issue I’ve been having with Warhammer Online after playing for a few months with sound, it randomly being soundless after I load a character.

Attempt 1:

  • Delete the “cache” folder
  • Load up the patcher
  • Click perform full file check

This seemed to only fix the sound on the menu and character screen, when I loaded into the game I still had no sound.

Attempt 2:

  • Manage Computer
  • Device Manager
  • Sound, video and game controllers
  • Right-click and Uninstall any sound device you have (I had two)
  • Make sure the remove software options are checked if there are any
  • Let windows re-detect and install your sound devices

The problem returned

Attempt 3:

  • Full game reinstall

The problem returned

Attempt 4:

Because of my monitor and PC setup, I have various HDMI, DVI cables being used. I noticed that if I plugged my speakers into my monitor (which uses HDMI) instead of the onboard soundcard the sound remained.


I recently bought a new set of speakers, and started plugging them into my PC, which also meant I would shuffle the cables around more and I decided to use a HDMI cable instead of a DVI cable to go into my monitor.

It seems WAR doesn’t like this, and instead of handling the HDMI cable and the audio cable it chooses neither (WAR was the only game this happened to).

I’ve re-arranged my cables, and the situation is now stable.