Wrath of Heroes Beta Review (September)

Note: Please note that this article was written on the 4th September 2011 and many changes to the client and heroes have been made since, I post this now because BioWare Mythic has removed the privacy restrictions.

I plan to write a more up to date version shortly.

In this article I give my impressions and screenshots of a beta test in early September for Wrath of Heroes, the newest Play4Free title from BioWare Mythic.

Client Download

To start with the Wrath of Heroes client was around 600 mb, pretty quick to download. It uses the same patcher as Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online.


The lobby was a smart style and fairly easy to get into games, you could chat with random people whilst there and also message friends and see their status even if they are in a game using /tell.

My problem with the lobby is that its very spammy, and with a lot of people there its a bit confusing. I am hoping they add different chat channels including a clan type feature.


I found there were a number of heroes, each with a unique set of abilities that had strengths and weaknesses vs other heroes. After encountering the other teams you could figure out what hero was needed and change it up

Note: There are more heroes available currently see my Wrath of Heroes section for a list.

Black Orc

The Black Orc was awesome, he could soak up a load of damage, sprint, knock down, and do mega damage and heal himself, oh and the more damage he does, the bigger he gets.

Bright Wizard

The Bright Wizard was pretty powerful especially in the temple scenario where you had a bottleneck, your team needed to play well to get the most out of this. You get a direct damage spell, a knock back damage spell, a ae damage and snare, fire breath, and an ae root thing.


The Shaman is pretty cool, you have group healing abilities and absorption, and can also deal damage.

Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior to me early on felt like the weakest hero out there, his damage didn’t feel like he was doing a whole lot, but when I started playing him properly I realised how powerful he was.


The Slayer is someone who smashes things, fairly fun, his most useful ability is the snare immune.

Loading Screen

The scenario loading screen is the same as warhammer online.

Scenario Instructions

The way the scenario instructions isn’t awesome currently but it’s important and they are working on it.

BioWare Mythic have released a video for people who like their Facebook page which simplifies it slightly.


The music during combat and the effects are quite nice, as well as all the voiced statements from the heroes makes listening to combat in the background quite interesting.

Art Style

The art style, I found to be very smooth and pretty. A few terrain bugs copied over from warhammer such as not being able to jump up the side of mourkain temple, I had to always use the ramps, and I got caught on some roots once, apart from that movement is smooth.


The abilities are pretty simple, there are only 5 abilities and can be used at the right moment. Although sometimes it does feel like I am playing whack a mole, hitting anything that isn’t on a countdown.


Targeting is super easy, and is quite noticeable, most of the time its auto targeting with manual tabbing if not.


The pace of combat was pretty fast and I had a lot of fun, probably I had more fun at the start of the beta, the first 2-3 matches, and the more I played the more the players I was with annoyed me.


Instead of typing in chat (you can still if you want) you can click on the minimap and ping the target objective, it will write it in the chat automatically, flash on the minimap, and an audio message will read out. It does aid in communication but can be spammed.


Each test iteration adds more features, refines the experience and adds new heroes, there is always something interesting to be added.

This game is pretty fun, although like with other games of its type I can’t stomach more than a couple of games a session, there are however some hardcore people out there who play out all the time of an open beta session.

Random Screenshots

I have collected a bunch of old videos from these early tests and will link them when they have been uploaded.



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