DAoC Pendragon Patch 1.110C

As Patch 1.110 draws closer a new version has been added to Pendragon which adds some more interesting features, see my notes and screenshots on patch 1.110c below.

Patch 1.110C

Read Patch 1.110C Notes

  • More class changes
  • Lesson quests added to the help window
  • New teleport options
  • Sounds for new quest accept / finish
  • Tooltip delay/hide option
  • Effect tooltips
  • New login window
Effect Tooltips
These are great, and something I mentioned in a previous blog about what was needed, however, this displays far too much information to the user, for a effect tooltip you will only need the name, the description, the duration and right-click for more info. You will never need the level, duration isĀ arguable, power cost, target, casting time and magic type I don’t believe needs to be there.
Tooltip Options
These are requested features from forum users, I have no need to change these though.
New Teleport Window
The capital city now offers a nicer teleport window, and you can also teleport to any of the towns, although you cannot teleport back, more of a reason to park in the capital?

Patch 1.110b

Read Patch 1.110B Notes

  • Mostly bug fixes

Patch 1.110

Read Patch 1.110 Notes

  • New lesson quests
  • New quest icons
  • New user journey
  • Spell / style tooltips