What I thought about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Being a huge fan of BioWare‘s Dragon Age and enjoying the BETA of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I have been told to try out the earlier BioWare instalments such as Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 and Mass Effect 1 & 2.

So I will start off with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a single player RPG first released at the end of 2003, a game which I have very much enjoyed, 23 hours played is not a bad usage of a game.

Widescreen Resolution

Because it’s an older game my first hurdle was to make it playable with a widescreen monitor, since it only natively comes with a handful of lower standard resolutions. This resulted in some horrible stretching that I couldn’t play with.

After trying out a few widescreen tools which required a cracked .exe, I decided to go with the simpler option of running it in the resolution it wanted to, but in windowed mode.

  1. To get to this setting you have to go to your game directory (since I have it on steam it was in my steam\steamappps\common\swkotor folder)
  2. The file you need to edit is the swkotor.ini
  3. Find the [Graphics Options] header
  4. Find the entry FullScreen=1 change that to FullScreen=0

Good Points

  • Great campaign story which is pretty long.
  • Lots of companions (9), you can take with you on your missions (2)
  • Companions bicker with eachother to provide depth to their character
  • Companions have back stories
  • Dark and Light side choices
  • Smooth gameplay and combat, choosing an action and having a “combat turn”.
  • Voiced conversations with multiple dialog options.
  • Mini games such as the card game and a time racing game.
  • Multiple worlds to visit with numerous side quests as well as the main quests.
  • Old school puzzles during missions, not just kill x.

Bad Points

  • I would have liked to be able to take 1 or 2 more companion members with me on missions.
  • Lack of character respec options for stats / skills
  • The pacing of the jedi training testing was too fast for my liking (Although the cure a dark place was a great quest).
  • Dated and clunky UI (but it is an old game and you get used to it)
  • Can’t look up and down, only left and right.
  • Companions and items sometimes get in the way of objects.
  • Companion pathing can be a pain, sometimes they get caught on something and don’t follow.
  • Jedi’s aren’t special, everyone has a sword which can counter a lightsaber.
If you haven’t played this game, I would recommend you do so, for the story, and to see BioWare’s (Dragon Age / Mass Effect / SW:TOR) roots.