WordPress – Your Own Website For Free

People often ask me to make websites for them because they are either unaware of what is out there, or don’t believe they have the skill needed. I’m going to outline a few steps in which you can get a functional website launched instantly, easily and free.

I’ve dabbled in various web presences I started with my own domain writing page and systems from scratch, over the years I have had various people mentioning WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr.

Only during this past week have I decided I wanted to relaunch my web presence and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of paying for a domain again and writing the pages, so I picked a common blogging page WordPress.

Features I like:

  • Short URL – Users can have their own easy to remember URL, mine is etaew.wordpress.com
  • Appearance – The website appearance can be changed easily by changing the Theme, someone else has done the design, you just have to pick it from a gallery.
  • Pages – You can add your own pages, just click add a page, and type out the contents like you are using Word.
  • News Posts – You can add your own news posts or articles to a page, like this one.
  • Customisation – There are lots of other options you can customise like menus and widgets on the side.