Time zones – how we dislike them right now

For the past week the talk around the Wrath of Heroes Facebook page is what exact time is the BETA? well I thought the countdown timer I developed was an elegant solution.

To start with the information displayed was the EDT time, so that was a simple calculation from hour difference, then factoring in the different time zones was another clever JavaScript trick.

Now it appears I understand little about time zones, apparently UTC is more or less the same as GMT and just because my windows clock says I am in UTC, because of daylight saving time in the UK this actually turns out to be UTC + 1 or GMT + 1.

This highlights again how difficult it is to launch global events at the same time. I’ve now pushed my code onto the Wrath of Heroes Wiki so more people can have access to this, having a countdown I see is really the only way people can know when events are short of listing each time for each time zone.