EverQuest 2 – Free To Play

I like to try out different MMO’s so I can see what different games can offer. I regularly rotate the games which I play and will start to document my experiences.

People have spoken about EQ and EQ2 for years. After reading a post on Massively I noticed they offer a F2P version, and so I’m going to give it a go.


See my opinions after the break.

The initial download is very small if you pick the streaming client.

The character creation process was okay, with some races and classes locked out for free players, the body creation itself was slider based with a number of config options. You can choose from 4 starting locations.

The graphics are quite nice, and even a bit laggy maxxed out on my machine, but what impressed me was the voice and text for quest dialogs, and having the popup for the text dialog options.

The quest indicators and directions were okay, I found a lot of things had right-click options, I am presuming this works with double-click as well.

I also liked the skills such as getting better at concentration and swimming.

I played for a half hour session (my usual attention span), since it’s free, there’s no reason why I won’t pick it up for another few quests on some other day.